Monday, January 30, 2012


Start dropping your hints now.
remind that special someone in your life,
that every gift you get is always sweeter with a little
on the side.

now I want to here your stories of your best Valentine Day ever.
and of course on Fri we will draw a winner for 1/2 lb bag of candy.


  1. I'm definitely telling my Valentine to pick up a lb of Choco-Covered Cinna-Bears from you for V-day!! YAY.

    I don't have a fav V-day but I always enjoy a nice dinner and a pedicure. =)

  2. MY favorite valentines was the year my husband and I first met. He rented out a banquet room at Ruby River and had our own server! The room was all set up with valentines type things and romantic music! Now after 8 years, I wish he was still that romantic lol :)

  3. My dear hubby proposed on v-day! Cheesey but wonderful!

  4. I don't really have a story either...

    Our best Valentine's Days have been with our little boys! Last year we got them Monster Jam tickets and they went crazy over them!! Being told we're "the best mom & dad EVER" made that a pretty good Valentines! :)

  5. The year I was 9 months pregnant with my son was my favorite Valentine's day. My husband and I went to dinner with my parents and brother and everyone in the restaurant kept giving me funny looks, like they were afraid I was going to labor right then. Since it was a buffet restaurant, the other patrons also kept moving out of my way, like they thought I would eat them, if they didn't move away fast enough.

  6. I've had many great ones, but my favorite was a few years ago when my husband transformed our living room and kitchen into a gourmet restaurant. He cooked a delicious dinner and served my kids and I as a waiter... even dressing in a fancy suit. After dinner, he put on music and danced with each of us. It was amazing

  7. one year my hubby and i went to scottsdale az to a chocolate festival. it was wonderful, no kids, my sweetheart, and of-course chocolate!

  8. so many wonderful memories- i loved doing baskets of goodies for my kids when they were younger and now enjoy spoiling the grandkids.