Friday, February 25, 2011

Nostalgic Notions

If you are of a younger generation you may not have noticed the nostalgic candy bars, and old fashioned candies that we carry at Sweet Lizzie's. For those of you who crave candy of your yesteryear but can't find what you are looking for try looking at our store! We have many of the old time favorites that you can't find in the regular stores! Abba Zabba, Idaho Spuds, Sen Sen, Cup o' Gold, Rock Candy, Zero, Jelly Nougats, Ice Cube chocolates, Big Cherry, Look candy bars, Satellite wafers, Coconut Slices, Licorice snaps, Candy Buttons, Bulls Eye Caramels, Peanut butter bars, Licorice rolls, Chico Sticks, Zits, Bit o' Honey, All sorts Licorice, Chuckles, U-No, and Mallow cups just to name a few!!! So next time you're in, try something nostalgic, you might just find a new (old) favorite!!!
Leave a comment and mention somewhere in your post your fave candy...who knows it might be an oldie but a goodie! We will draw on Monday for the 1/2 lb candy and Candy of the Week!
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Peach Perfection

The winner for the Candy of the Week is #3 Sweetpea08, Congrats! You can choose 1/2 lb of any bulk candy in the store! The Candy of the Week is Peach Gummi Rings which will be 10% off to all customers!

Thanks for all your comments! If you need some spring inspiration, stop by and see the cute displays all geared for spring!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fresh Ideas for Your Special Event!

In recent years candy buffets have been a big trend for weddings. Colored in the hues to match the occasion, they are a not only a treat to the taste buds, but a treat to the eye as well! Candy buffets are a great idea for not only weddings but a variety of events such as anniversary parties, birthday parties, and any other special event. So if you have a special event coming up let Sweet Lizzie's help! We have access to a wide variety of candy to fit your event needs! We have candies in designer colors too, even silver, pearl and brights! We can package all your colored goodness into favors also...just ask us for more info!

Time again for our Candy of the week drawing! Post your comment and include somewhere in your post what your fave candy is and we'll draw on Monday for a winner of 1/2 lb of free bulk candy! Don't forget that the Candy of the Week is also 10% off to all customers!!
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day...Candy of the Week winner!

Hope everyone had a good day today...did you get all the treats to the loves on your list??? We had a busy day at the store today! Thanks for all your posts....we have drawn a winner for the 1/2 lb candy in the Candy of the Week Giveaway...#4 Jenny! She said as the first fave Jelly Belly Jelly Beans.....and since there wasn't a flavor mentioned we will go with the mix....of course our winners can always pick any bulk candy in the store for the free 1/2 lb!!!! Congrats, you can pick your candy up any time at the store!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Got Valentines?

Have you finished all you Valentines? I am still working on them this weekend. My children will need something fun to take to school, and Sweet Lizzie's has what you need to make all those cute handouts for your kid's teachers and classmates! That's the beauty of our can customize it to fit any personality and your budget!!!! Just ask one of our great sales people to help you put together a custom treat, they are happy to help and give ideas!! We even have roses too!! I particularly like the Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bear Sundae!

Visiting Teaching messages are here for February! They include a Sugar Cookie recipe, heart cutter, candy and message! $3.00 each!

Come visit us and let us help you with your Valentine shopping list! Enter a comment for this week's Candy of the Week giveaway (1/2 lb of any bulk candy in the store) don't forget to list your favorite candy somewhere in your post!
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Candy of the week 2/4 Post

Thanks for all your posts, hope to see you in for your Valentine treats and 10% off this weeks Candy of the Week pick! We have some very cute compartmentalized boxes that you can choose four different treats to put in it, then we can wrap it in clear cellophane and sweeten it with decoration of your choice!

The winner was chosen courtesy of, #8 Tiffany!!!! You can pick up your prize in the store, 1/2 lb of any bulk candy in the store and since she had so many faves, we will go with her first item the Chocolate Covered Brownie Dough as the Candy of the Week!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Get Yours Before it's Gone!

As I mentioned in last week's post, we just got Valentine candy in...and I must say it is going fast! We all have done the last minute scurry out to get fun Valentine treats for our honey's, but for the best selection, stock up on your Valentine treats soon!!! Ladies, send the hubbies out...Also check out the great gift idea on the previous post if you haven't read it already, such a cute gift idea, and we have what you need to do it yourself!

Some of my personal favorites in our Valentine Day candies are our adorable peace sign shaped lollies (perfect for your oh-so-cool tweens), ultra yummy sour kissy lips by Jelly Belly, and our Pecan and Cashew grizzlies (chopped pecans or cashews drenched in buttery caramel and topped with milk chocolate...YUM.

New Arrivals we have this week include this fun and chic shelf with damask backing $80.00, a sweet white rocking chair with colorful cushions $80.00, and a bench/table that would be great in an entryway, as a coffee table, or even add a cushion on top and use it for a reading bench in a bay window $38.00

Now for the Candy of the week contest! Enter a comment about our post to win a 1/2 lb of bulk candy and we will draw the winner on Monday! Don't forget to mention somewhere in your post what your fave candy is (even if you put it already last week)!!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Super Cute Idea...

One of our cutest customers sent me this idea from necklaces!!!
Check out the blog post and tutorial at We've got gumballs in pink, red, white, black, purple, blue, yellow, orange and more. Perfect class party favor!