Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January Birthdays!!

Really how hard is it to get someone a
Birthday Present
well for me its pretty hard when the Birthday is in
We just had Christmas
Here is an awesome idea
or how about

Ok your turn... tell us some of the creative gifts you've given as a Birthday gift. Next wed you could be the winner of a really cute Birthday Gift. (to keep or to give away).


  1. My DD birthday is the beginning of Feb and this year I am taking her on a date.

  2. I always like to do something homemade like canned jam with homemade bread or some of my home-steamed grape juice!! =)

    Thanks for the awesome giveaways!! Love the local businesses. =)

  3. A friend of ours gave my kids a dollar store gift card. They had soooo much fun roaming the aisles for several dollars worth of stuff. I want to try that one for some of my neighbors' kids.

  4. one year i gave my husband a surprise dinner with friends and family. he served his mission in london, england and we have been trying to get back there for 10+ years, so this year i brought london to him. we decorated our house with british colors and flags, had a traditional English meal, used pics of famous English landmarks for placemats and other such ideas. He loved it and said it was one of his most favorite birthdays ever!!

  5. My favorite gifts we have done is a the "movie theater set". You get a movie theater gift card and put candy and popcorn and put it all in a cute container! Who doesnt love movies and candy :)

  6. my husband loves the stories of winnie the pooh. so one year i gave him "pooh sticks" with his grandkids names on it so they could could have races together. he loved it!