Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nummy Nostalgia - winner 2/25 post

After a lot of problems with my computer and not being able to post our blogs due to my computer issues I am finally publishing this post!!!

Thanks for all the great comments! Many of these candies remind me of my childhood also! If there is something you are looking for and we don't have we can put you on our wish list and try to get it in!!
The winner of the Candy of the Week this week is #12 Austin,Richard and Ethan!!! Congrats - you know the drill...pick up anytime and any kind of bulk! That makes the Candy of the Week Watermelon Slices at 10% off!
check out the cute photo entries for our Sweet Pea Photo Contest! www.sweetpeaboutiquetooele.blogspot.com

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