Monday, February 7, 2011

Candy of the week 2/4 Post

Thanks for all your posts, hope to see you in for your Valentine treats and 10% off this weeks Candy of the Week pick! We have some very cute compartmentalized boxes that you can choose four different treats to put in it, then we can wrap it in clear cellophane and sweeten it with decoration of your choice!

The winner was chosen courtesy of, #8 Tiffany!!!! You can pick up your prize in the store, 1/2 lb of any bulk candy in the store and since she had so many faves, we will go with her first item the Chocolate Covered Brownie Dough as the Candy of the Week!

1 comment:

  1. yeah!! I'm so excited!! I actually went there today to get some Valentines Certificates for my kids and I of course got a mixture of chocolate covered brownies, toffee, and cookie dough! Then I said, "Oh, I forgot, it's monday, I wonder if I won the candy post?" And she looked at my reciept and said, your Tiffany H and love the brownie bites? Yup! That's me! So I got to take another 1/2 lb bag of brownie bites home!! YUMMY! Thank you Sweet Lizzies!!