Tuesday, December 27, 2011

WOW I'm sorry

I'm so sorry I missed day 11 and 12,
so now that Christmas is over and we start
pretending we are going to follow through with our
New Year's resolutions.....
Let's start the New Year with a drawing
tell us all what you got for Christmas this year
then on 1/2/12, we will draw a winner
The prize will be a $10 shopping spree,
Good luck to you all
and to all a good New Year!



  1. The thing i got for Christmas i really need/could use was a double stroller! used of course, since we're all trying to save a buck lately!

  2. I got an electric wheat grinder!

  3. The biggest present ever!!!! We sold our home!

  4. My husband got me a router. Not what I had in mind!! I think it's because all the projects I have him do. They are all MY projects, not his!

  5. My husband and I don't do presents but I got the gift of having him home this year!! Best ever. =) Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  6. a new tv and blue ray player. its been fun playing with our new toys.

  7. I love kitchen/cooking items and got several that I had my eye on!