Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Finds at Sweet Lizzie's

Hope you all had a happy Easter weekend! Just wanted to post some fun new finds at Sweet Lizzie's for spring! These desks are too cute to miss! The black desk has fun zebra knobs and is $85.00. The sweet cream one has clear glass knobs and we've paired it with a cute iron parlor chair that has a fun spring fabric (sold seperately) desk $80.00 and chair $32.00!

Although we didn't do a giveaway this week, we will be doing another post on Friday for the Candy of the week Contest! Thanks for all your participation and for making the blog fun!


  1. HOw much is that pink framed magnet? board?

  2. Love the black desk! We just decorated my daughters room in zebra! But to convince the husband that she "needs" that desk will be hard to do....=) But soooo cute!