Friday, November 12, 2010

Giveaway this week & don't miss these new arrivals!

First before I tell you about all the new arrivals, this week we are having a sweet give away! It's something to make things a little more exciting! It's a blog coupon hunt in both Sweet Lizzie's and Sweet Pea! We will be hiding five coupons for different free items or discounts, these are great discounts too...bring a friend and enjoy the hunt, don't miss out! (one coupon per customer!)

By way of new arrivals we have some amazing new Mud Pie baby clothing in! These are amazingly cute items that would be so perfect for a baby shower gift, or just because! We love how whimsical these socks and outfits are...just can't get enough of this cute line, multiple outfits and sizes in stock!

Having Thanksgiving at your house this year? We have Thanksgiving survival kits! Even if you are not hosting, pick one up for your hostess, or you may still need one of these if you will be around your in-laws, or if you eat too much turkey! Pick up one of these kits...they consist of a Diet Coke, a Utah Truffle, and some Tylenol ~the perfect cure all kit!

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